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  • Callmasters Ragin Coon Squaller
  • Callmasters Ragin Coon Squaller
    SKU: 14079

    2 reeds for greater volume. Makes fighting cries of coons. Extra loud & extra shrill & raspy.

  • $13.51

  • Flextone Coon Squaller
  • Flextone Coon Squaller
    SKU: 30040

    The flextone Coon Squaller has the natural sound, durability, and control of flextone in a compact design that is sure to make him look.

  • $9.34

  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
    SKU: 20067

    Great locator call for midday. Larger sound chamber for louder volume. Soft body for natural realistic sounds.

  • $10.83

  • Haydel Raccoon Squaller
  • Haydel Raccoon Squaller
    SKU: 5477

    This call produces the distress cry of the raccoon. These cries will cause the ol' bandit to move from hiding, allowing the hunter to shine his eyes.

  • $11.31

  • HS Crow Call
  • Hs Crow Call
    SKU: 8556

    Consistent quality in the easiest crow call ever. Water resistant and won't crack. Also a great spring gobbler locator.

  • $6.55

  • K&H Coon Squealer
  • K&h Coon Squealer
    SKU: 6091

    This is a reed-type coon squawler that hasmore volume than competitive coon calls. Itmakes the distinctive sounds of a fightingcoon, which are the sounds necessary forcalling him out of a tree.

  • $9.19

  • K&H Magnum Crow Call
  • K&h Magnum Crow Call
    SKU: 6370

    A must for the serious crow or turkey hunter. This call is specially designed for tone and volume. Used properly, it produces an excellent imitation of both the young crow and the raspy, fighting adult crow.

  • $9.56

  • Pittman Magnum Crow Call
  • Pittman Magnum Crow Call
    SKU: 7432

    Its loud volume makes the perfect crow call. Realistic crow sound great for locating boss gobblers. Hardwood body and extra loud.

  • $16.84

  • Primos #302 Crow Call
  • Primos #302 Crow Call
    SKU: 7882

    The Primos Crow Call is excellent for locating gobblers later on in the day after the early morning excitement is over. The barrel is from quality hardwood which gives the call its realistic sound. Comes complete with diamond braided camo lanyard.

  • $8.41

  • Primos Coon Squaller
  • Primos Coon Squaller
    SKU: 311

    Reproduces the high pitched squall of a raccoon.Includes lanyard.

  • $9.10

  • Primos Old Crow
  • Primos Old Crow
    SKU: 360

    The Old Crow has been designed to replicate the exact volume, pitch and cadence of crows. Crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood.

  • $13.38

  • Primos Power Crow
  • Primos Power Crow
    SKU: 5383

    Excellent turkey locator, super loud and high pitched. Produces ear-piercing distress cries and raspy sounds of crows. Unique design allows hunters to vary the pitch to sound like a flock of crows with one call.

  • $10.26

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