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  • Flextone Lightning Owl Call
  • Flextone Lightning Owl Call
    SKU: 20068

    Early morning and late evening locator call. Larger sound chamber for louder volume. Soft body for natural realistic sounds.

  • $11.73

  • HS Mega Reed Owl Hooter
  • Hs Mega Reed Owl Hooter
    SKU: 06973

    Gobbler locator is raspier sounding andfeatures three holes on the end that funnelsound. Great for long-range calling.Weather resistant

  • $10.33

  • HS The Hooter Owl Call
  • Hs The Hooter Owl Call
    SKU: 06898

    Authentic gobbler locator. Two tone ports create multi tones.

  • $7.59

  • K&H Shock Gobble Owl & Hoot Enhancer
  • K&h Shock Gobble Owl & Hoot Enhancer
    SKU: 8437

    Knight & Hales Hoot enhancer makes this Owl Call the easiest call to use on the market today! The Hoot Enhancer creates back-pressure and eliminates the need to use your hands to get the right sound. The Hoot Enhancers muffling effect also creates a more true-to-life sound, and is removable to creat...

  • $9.27

  • Pittman Owl Hooter
  • Pittman Owl Hooter
    SKU: 7433

    Realistic barred owl sounds great for locating gobblers. Features an injection-molded body.

  • $12.99

  • Primos #314 Hoot Flute
  • Primos #314 Hoot Flute
    SKU: 314

    This revolutionary designed call with its 3 unique tuning holes enables the caller to easily and loudly reproduce several distinct tones or pitches of the barred owl. The Hoot Flute's low profile mouth piece and rounded compact body style make it easy to carry. Made from super strong ABS plastic.

  • $7.56

  • Primos #331 Power Owl
  • Primos #331 Power Owl
    SKU: 331

    Improved design creates louder tones of the barred owl with less air.

  • $9.83

  • Primos Shock n Owl
  • Primos Shock N Owl
    SKU: 359

    The barrel of the Shock'N Owl is removable for louder, higher pitched calling. When the barrel is on it helps control the back pressure, making it easy-to-blow and deeper sounding. You get two distinctively different owl calls in this custom-grade package.

  • $21.46

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