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  • Callmasters All In One Super Squirrel
  • Callmasters All In One Super Squirrel
    SKU: 14075

    One call does it all. Alarm barks, young squirrel distress whistles, chatters and squeals. Calls gray and fox squirrels.

  • $16.07

  • Haydel Deluxe Squirrel
  • Haydel Deluxe Squirrel
    SKU: 5022

    Emits the bark or chatter of the bushytail. Blowing moderately into the exhaust barrel gives the cry of grey squirrels. Blowing 5 panicky notes creates the high-pitched cries of a baby in distress.

  • $15.44

  • K&H Squirrel Call
  • K&h Squirrel Call
    SKU: 6090

    Knight & Hale has created a unique squirrelcall that features four distinct sounds and anew acrylic end piece. This hand-operatedcall includes the bark of the grey and foxsquirrel, the grey squirrel's alarm of chattercall and a young squirrel distress call

  • $16.56

  • Lohman Bark Squirrel Call
  • Lohman Bark Squirrel Call
    SKU: 5610

    Considered by many the best, most realistic, bark type squirrel call on the market. By simply tapping the bellows create the simplest barks to the excited chatter of squirrels. Remove the bellow and blow for scream of gray squirrel.

  • $16.01

  • Mr Squirrel Whistle
  • Mr Squirrel Whistle
    SKU: 9640

    Imitates the distress of a young squirrel. It works! Excites squirrels, makes them bark and at times, move toward your location.

  • $10.29

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