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  • Callmasters Mystic Classic Wet Hen Box
  • Callmasters Mystic Classic Wet Hen Box
    SKU: 13040

    Long lasting Hot Dip Mystic coating. Plays loud or soft, yet shrill. Compact size with 100% fine woods. Flawless no-chalk calling. Plays in perfect pitch, even when 100% soaking wet. Pocket sized (5-1/4") body with the sound of a full sized box.

  • $22.67

  • Callmasters Mystic Raspy Wet Hen Box
  • Callmasters Mystic Raspy Wet Hen Box
    SKU: 13037

    100% walnut with Hot Dip coating. No chalk ever needed. No slips, skips or errors. Permanent gritty black surface. Raspy longer wood sidewalls. Weatherproof and plays 100% wet.

  • $24.49

  • Callmasters Silver 3-D Triple Tone Pot
  • Callmasters Silver 3-d Triple Tone Pot
    SKU: 13030

    Laminated aluminum 1/2 top surface for shrill 15,000 hz calls. Natural slate 3-1/2" top for smooth, mellow hen calls. Alpine crystal 2-7/8" on the bottom for high raspy pitch. Plays 100% wet with exclusive Mystic Hot Dip Coating Technology. Includes famous Never-Skip Play Wet Mystic Stick stri...

  • $29.55

  • Cass Creek Turkey Call
  • Cass Creek Turkey Call
    SKU: C969

    Auto shut-off (2-minutes) so you won't drain the batteries, natural bark camo finish, Easy-to-use, one hand push button operation, 5-different calls in one (for every species), external speaker/headphone port, Ergonomic design for easy, one hand operation, convenient belt clip, handy on/off thumb di...

  • $21.24

  • DND Shadow Of Death Box Call
  • Dnd Shadow Of Death Box Call
    SKU: 16001

    We went through many wood combinations and box designs before we settled on this mini boat paddle. Smaller in size for easy carry, but big on real turkey sound. Walnut base, sycamore sides, and custom laser engraved walnut lid. This call is hand tuned by DND so there is no doubt that the only thing ...

  • $38.12

  • Flextone Bone Collector Ho'Down Diaphragm
  • Flextone Bone Collector Ho'down Diaphragm
    SKU: 10066

    Double Reed w/ 2.5 cutter with spur cut. Combines .044" & .003" latex for easier double notes. Creates loud yelps, cuts and cackles with slight rasp.

  • $7.30

  • Flextone Bone Collector Trilogy Diaphragm
  • Flextone Bone Collector Trilogy Diaphragm
    SKU: 10078

    Includes the Bone collector's Freak Mama, Ho'Down and Dirt Flap diaphragm calls made from 2 different thicknesses of latex or prophylactic reeds for easy break over of 2 tones. Freak Nasty for super raspy tones. Ho'Down for moderate rasp or seductive calling. Dirt Flap for amazing 2 tone notes ...

  • $18.23

  • Flextone Dirty Lil Hen Diaphragm
  • Flextone Dirty Lil Hen Diaphragm
    SKU: 10060

    Double reed with NO cuts. Perfect fall call produces clear kee-kees. Clear tones for loud or soft calling.

  • $7.30

  • Flextone MW Smack Down Diaphragm
  • Flextone Mw Smack Down Diaphragm
    SKU: 10200

    Watch and learn how the top pros level their sights. By learning this simple process, you truly are buying points if you are a tournament archer, or ensuring a quick humane kill if you are a bowhunter. No more unknown left or right misses on slopes due to improper 3rd axis adjustment, no more zeroed...

  • $7.30

  • Flextone MW Spur Collector Diaphragm
  • Flextone Mw Spur Collector Diaphragm
    SKU: 10230

    The forgiving yet versatile "V" cutmade from blended black latex, makesthe spur the easiest to use with deadlyresults.

  • $7.30

  • Flextone Tramp Stamp w/Slate Pot
  • Flextone Tramp Stamp W/slate Pot
    SKU: 10260

    The Tramp Stamp slate uses naturalslate for pure turkey sounds. The Supermagnum Hickory Striker is perfectlybalanced so the call will break over justright everytime and is heavy enough tohave all the volume you will ever need.Pot and striker in hardwoods green HDcamo.

  • $18.63

  • HS Brown Box Call Chalk
  • Hs Brown Box Call Chalk
    SKU: 06864

    Totally non-glare and is not an oil based chalk, works well on all types of box calls.

  • $1.22

  • HS Lil' Strut Box Call
  • Hs Lil' Strut Box Call
    SKU: 00887

    AlumiDeuce Aluminum Over Glass Wild Turkey Call. Produces long distance, high-volume calling. Includes carbon striker. Never needs sanding.

  • $26.86

  • HS Quick Strike Peg
  • Hs Quick Strike Peg
    SKU: 06943

    Three-pack includes the Cross-Cut mountain Camo, power Stik and the Master Mahogany rod with carbon tip strikers.

  • $12.08

  • HS Super Strut Combo Kit
  • Hs Super Strut Combo Kit
    SKU: 06842

    Includes Li'l Deuce Wild Turkey call, Hammerin' Crow call, Barred Owl Hooter and Premium Flex Double D diaphragm calls.

  • $25.85

  • K&H Call Conditioning Tool
  • K&h Call Conditioning Tool
    SKU: 7379

    The Call Conditioning Tool is capable ofprepping the surfaces of all friction calls.Buffing pad for wood surfaces, sand paperfor wood and slate, a stone for metaland glass, and chalk for box calls. It alsoincorporates a slot for scuffing the tip ofyour striker.

  • $8.19

  • K&H Long Spur Glass Pot Call
  • K&h Long Spur Glass Pot Call
    SKU: 9082

    The glass surface will product the smooth mellow yelps that old toms can't resist.

  • $21.28

  • K&H Scarlet Fever Pot Call
  • K&h Scarlet Fever Pot Call
    SKU: 11008

    The pot is made of select walnut kiln dried to 8% moisture to eliminate any wood changes. The call is CNC-machined and is set with a slate sound board to insure rich pure tones. Topped with a crystal surface and supplied with a custom striker.

  • $42.59