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  • Outdoor Edge Deer Processing 101 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Deer Processing 101 Dvd
    SKU: 2859

    The most in-depth step by step processing video on the market today. Covers field dressing, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, identifying primary muscles, ginding, packaging plus a bonus feature on CWD. Run time 3 hours.

  • $14.93

  • Outdoor Edge Jerky Vol 2 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Jerky Vol 2 Dvd
    SKU: 2861

    Learn step-by-step to produce smoked jerky, nuggets, re-structured, formed and whole muscle jerky. How to de-bone and trim the best cuts for whole muscle jerky. Run time 2 hours.

  • $14.93

  • Outdoor Edge Sausage Vol 1 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Sausage Vol 1 Dvd
    SKU: 2860

    Learn to manufacture a variety of fresh and smoked sausage in yur smoker or oven. Covers grinding, seasoning, preservatives, fat to lean ratios, natural and liquid smoke application, humidity and surface moisture. Run Time 2 hours.

  • $14.93

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