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  • Burley Hall "Winning At 3-D" DVD
  • Burley Hall "winning At 3-d" Dvd
    SKU: 4286

    Burley shares the secrets of his personal techniques. Short cuts to timing, steadying your sight picture, tiller tuning, form and aiming, shooting under pressure, gaining extra speed, "head yardage," leveling your sight, advantages of a loop and much more. Also, slow motion footage reveals arrow par...

  • $27.80

  • Outdoor Edge Deer Processing 101 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Deer Processing 101 Dvd
    SKU: 2859

    The most in-depth step by step processing video on the market today. Covers field dressing, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, identifying primary muscles, ginding, packaging plus a bonus feature on CWD. Run time 3 hours.

  • $14.93

  • Outdoor Edge Jerky Vol 2 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Jerky Vol 2 Dvd
    SKU: 2861

    Learn step-by-step to produce smoked jerky, nuggets, re-structured, formed and whole muscle jerky. How to de-bone and trim the best cuts for whole muscle jerky. Run time 2 hours.

  • $14.93

  • Outdoor Edge Sausage Vol 1 DVD
  • Outdoor Edge Sausage Vol 1 Dvd
    SKU: 2860

    Learn to manufacture a variety of fresh and smoked sausage in yur smoker or oven. Covers grinding, seasoning, preservatives, fat to lean ratios, natural and liquid smoke application, humidity and surface moisture. Run Time 2 hours.

  • $14.93

  • Sight Leveling Made Easy DVD
  • Sight Leveling Made Easy Dvd
    SKU: 102000

    Returns/Exchanges: Must be returned unopened. If the item is defective, it can be returned within 30 days with the original packaging. Defective items may be exchanged for the same title.

  • $19.49

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